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Article Last Updated: 11/09/2005 06:50 AM

San Anselmo Town Council: Breen, Freeman cruise; Roth edges out Greene

Joe Wolfcale
Marin Independent Journal

Peter Breen earned his fourth term on the San Anselmo Town Council yesterday and will be joined by newcomers Ted Freeman and Ian Roth.

Freeman, 70, a retired school-teacher, and Roth, 39, a manager with the county's Community Development Agency, will join vice mayor Barbara Thornton and attorney Wayne Cooper on the council. Longtime council members Paul Chignell and Jeff Kroot decided not to run.

Roth was locked in a closely-contested race with controversial attorney Ford Greene throughout much of the evening.

Breen grabbed 23 percent of the vote and Freeman had 21 percent. Roth edged Greene by about 120 votes.

San Francisco X-ray technician Lujza Mehling, 49, nabbed 8 percent of the vote and 52-year-old Tom Fallon, a former Indy car mechanic, had 11 percent.

Breen said he was excited at his election triumph, but added the the defeat of city tax Measure B cast a cloud over the victory party.

"Measure B failing will make it extremely difficult for us," said Breen, 68. "The people of San Anselmo have clearly spoken. It's an exciting, challenging time for us. I see some good things coming out of the next four years."

The tightest race was for the third spot between Roth and Greene.

"Frankly, I had a little bit of anxiety," Roth said. "I'm surprised at the showing Ford pulled off. I think the next four years will be a great opportunity for me to provide some leadership. I'm looking at a big open door at this point. I'm looking forward to stopping the campaigning and starting the real work."

The biggest obstacle for the Town Council will be how to deal with the financial crisis plaguing the town as Measure B, the proposed special municipal service tax, was soundly defeated.

Proponents said the tax would pull the town out of red ink which prompted officials to curtail city services, freeze eight staff positions and halt or delay projects.

Freeman will have to step down from his role on the town's Planning Commission and library board to serve on the council.


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