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Article Last Updated: 11/02/2005 10:09 AM

Breen has raised, spent most in San Anselmo council race

Joe Wolfcale
Marin Independent Journal

San Anselmo Mayor Peter Breen has raised more than $8,500 in his bid for re-election.

Breen and five other seek three seats. The other candidates are attorney Ford Greene, x-ray technician Luzja Mehling; retired teacher Ted Freeman; county manager Ian Roth and Tom Fallon, a former Indy car mechanic.

Breen has spent more than $7,000 on his re-election.

Freeman has raised nearly $5,000 on his campaign and has spent close to $3,000. Roth has raised $3,478, including a loan for nearly $1,000. Greene reported collecting $470 and Mehling raised $650. Fallon did not report any contributions.

In the drive to boost passge of a city tax, Measure B, San Anselmo Police Officers Association contributed $2,000, and the Peace Officers Research Association of California in Sacramento, Marin Professional Firefighters of Fairfax and the Ross Valley Firefighters of Fairfax each gave $1,000. Friends of San Anselmo Library also contributed $1,000.

Peter Breen

Peter Breen reported contributions of $8,532 and expenditures of $7,059. A $500 contribution came from the Builders Association Political Action Committee, and $200 contributors included Suzanne Golt of San Anselmo, Dwight Merriman of San Francisco and Michael Filice of Los Altos.

$150 contributors to Breen: Councilman Paul Chignell, San Anselmo; Sophia Spencer, San Anselmo.

$100 contributors include: David and Lydia Bell, San Anselmo; Donna Bjorn, San Anselmo; Thomas Breen, Hollister; Shirley Brown, San Anselmo; George Buckle, San Anselmo; Ralph and Pam Epstein, San Anselmo; Charles Erle, San Mateo; Jean Holm, San Anselmo; Michael Keating, San Anselmo; Ruth Kiskaddon, San Anselmo; Jeff and Tina Kroot, San Anselmo; Dean Larson, San Anselmo; Warren Perry, San Anselmo; Jerry Pompili, San Anselmo; Peter Raven, St. Louis, Miss.; Supervisor Hal Brown, San Anselmo; Michael Gill, San Anselmo; Mike and Lynn Kidder, Frederick, Md.; Dixon Long, San Anselmo; John Manning, Coarsegold; Jack Mosher, Fairfax; Kidd Stubbs, Brookings, Ore.; John and Jolene Weir, San Anselmo; Anne Wooliever, San Anselmo; Wayne and Germaine Cooper, San Anselmo; Ted Janko, San Anselmo; Malcolm and Leslie Johnson, San Anselmo; Richard Miller, San Anselmo; Joe Costa, San Anselmo; Rick and Debby Lafranchi, San Anselmo.

$75 contributors to Breen include: Richard and Barbara Tracy, San Anselmo; Betty Obata, San Anselmo; Tom and Faye Hendricks, San Anselmo; James and Eithne Kitty, San Anselmo.

$50 contributors include: Ralph and Kathy Ardito, San Anselmo; John and Cynthia Barrows, San Anselmo; Tom Boss, San Anselmo; Donna Cohen, San Rafael; Susan Cronk, San Anselmo; Scott and Jennifer Couture; Nada Glenn, San Anselmo; Jay and Dorothy Kagy, San Anselmo; Nancy Mackle, San Anselmo; Larry Nilsen, San Anselmo; Frank Ortiz, San Anselmo; Helene Robertson, San Anselmo; Wade Stevenson, San Anselmo; John Taddeucci, San Rafael; Joe Wahnsiedler, San Anselmo; Wayne and Robin Wechsler, San Anselmo; Martin Block, San Anselmo; Lynn Milliman, San Anselmo; Charles and Joan Olsson, San Anselmo; Dr. Gene Prat, Kentfield; Conn Rusche, San Anselmo; Sue Severin, San Anselmo; John and Jolene Weir, San Anselmo; Peter and Linda Hoch, San Anselmo; Carla Overberger, San Anselmo; Spencer and Stacy Sias, San Anselmo; Wayne Broadbent, San Anselmo; William Duke, San Anselmo; John and Pattie Grey, San Anselmo; Conn Hickey, San Anselmo; Bill and Marilyn Ingebrigtsen, San Anselmo; Jerome Smith, San Anselmo.

Ted Freeman

Ted Freeman reported contributions of $2,905, loans of $2,000 and expenses of $2,927. The Builders Association, Political Action Committee of San Rafael gave $250. $100 contributors to Freeman include: Councilman Paul Chignell, San Anselmo; Pam Epstein, San Anselmo, real estate; Councilman Jeff Kroot, San Anselmo.

Ford Greene

Ford Greene filed a form saying he will not spend or receive more than $1,000 on the campaign.

Luzja Mehling

Luzja Mehling reported receiving $650 and spending $124.

Her contributors include Keith Gleason, Oakland, self-employed, $100; John Newell, San Anselmo, attorney, $100; and William Boyl, San Anselmo, attorney, $100.

Ian Roth

Ian Roth reported contributions of $1,800, loans of $1,678 and expenses of $2,585.

Roth listed $500 from Builders Association Political Action Committee San Rafael, and $150 from former councilwoman Barbara Thornton.

$100 contributors to Roth include: Councilman Jeff Kroot, San Anselmo; Jean Holm, San Anselmo, retired; Councilman Paul Chignell, San Anselmo; Councilman Wayne Cooper, San Anselmo; Daniel McNevin, Emeryville, contractor; Russell Stewart, San Francisco.


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