Equal time on Hub sign?
I am working with a group of local residents and business owners to get Ford Greene's illegal, unsightly and hazardous billboard at The Hub brought into compliance with San Anselmo's sign ordinance. Mr. Greene has suggested that he and I engage in "a fair debate in some forum that is open and free to the public." He insists that there should not be a "one-way program", as "both of us want to be intelligently heard."

I accept. Let's debate on his billboard at 711 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard.

For 36 out of the last 52 days, Greene has posted four different messages in a "call to arms" to make his billboard legal and permanent. If Mr. Greene wants a fair debate, he will post immediately the following message on his billboard:

- "This illegal sign is an eyesore"

- "Billboard is serious traffic hazard"

- "Unfair, no one else can have sign"

- "Free speech for Greene, but not 4 u"

- "E-mail Town Council ASAP Aug. 9 tell them no special deals. Protectsananselmo.org"

This billboard should be posted from now until the San Anselmo Town Council hearing to grant him a sign variance on Aug. 9. Fourteen days is less than half the time that he has devoted on his billboard in favor of making it permanent.

As Mr. Greene says, the "marketplace of ideas could only benefit from such a fair exchange." I hope he will have the courage to follow through on his own proposal.

John Newell, San Anselmo


Urge Newell to Duel

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