A sign of free speech

I can't disagree more with letter writer Michelle Shelfer, who "feels poisoned" by Ford Greene's deliberately controversial signs at The Hub in San Anselmo.

In particular, she objects to his questioning (on his signs) the treatment of prisoners at "Gitmo" in Cuba, who are held without recourse to a fair trial. As a lawyer, Greene well understands the value of such, and expresses his concern by using his constitutionally-protected rights. (A military tribunal, which a few of the prisoners are about to receive after three years, is not a fair trial.)

I'm afraid we will always have people who try to shut down free speech. But just as Shelfer is free to suggest Greene "be tried for treason, for aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war," I feel free to suggest it might be people like "Bush's Brain," Karl Rove, who are the traitors, and that her letter writing to the IJ could be put to a more constructive purpose.

The Bush administration has an established history of lies which has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, as well as mistreatment of prisoners. We need to stand up to this madness, and Green's signs serve as a needed reminder.

If Shelfer doesn't like the signs, she needs to learn to tolerate them.

Make no mistake, freedom of speech is under attack in the USA, and those of good will should write letters of support for Ford Greene to the San Anselmo Town Council, to let them know the campaign to silence the sign is un-American!

Kyle Keilman, San Rafael


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