We had hashed out the concept, but lacked a model until “Butterball” arrived.
Every elephant enjoys a sound foundation.

Political Art 2005

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Important to replicate the difference between the front and hind legs.
Ideological battering elephant ready to assume the body.
No area left untended.
Lisa, my friend, is the artist who thought of the initial concept of the elephant that drove this year’s project.
Liam, Lisa’s man, and extraordinary carpenter, is always furthering our agenda.
As we developed our project, the basic idea was to portray the republican symbol of the elephant as it is: a creature that sucks in tax dollars and shits out propaganda!
In creating the elephant, we learned the elephant is a noble creature of great spirit and started quite to like it.
It was only natural to want to save it from being enslaved as a mindless propaganda machine.
Fat-assed republican dupe; it’ll take a lot of deprogramming to clean that one up.
I might be brainwashed, but cruisin’ still a groove. There’s hope for that elephant.
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