The elephant metaphor: sucking in our tax dollars and pumping out a ‘bunch of baloney.”
Ready for action.

Political Art 2005

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Like any other cult, the Bush administration’s agenda of global domination starts with the promulgation of an ideology coined here by The Project for a New American Century
Donald Rumsfeld was one of the signatories to The New American Century Project’s June 3, 1997, Statement of Principles and a prime perpetrator of war crimes featuring a particularly cavalier attitude toward torture.
Dick Cheney, another Statement of Principles signer, in placed among the logos for Halliburton and its subsidiary, Kellogg, Brown & Root. Long before it constructed Guantanamo Bay or provided military support in Iraq, KBR built the tiger cages at Con Sol Island in Vietnam. Below Cheney is a map of Guantanamo and depictions of the cages there.
The elephant’s left hind leg is below Condelizza Rice expressing her view of the size of her adversary right above a shot of an alert German Shepard placed within rolls of razor wire. The inside of the leg depicts one of the administrations biggest propaganda organs, Rev. Moon’s Washington Times. The wrap-around the back starts with Katherine Harris, who helped hand Bush the first election and the some of the Supreme Court justices that overrode the will of the majority of Voters in the 2000 presidential election.

More than a little dirt lies behind an elephant’s ear. Here we have the Fox News logo, another administration propaganda disseminator. At the bottom is Bill O’Reilly, a person who specializes in bullying people with whose opinions he disagrees. In the middle is Ralph Reed, formerly of the Christian Coalition and now Republican Party honcho.

This broadside includes John Negroponte (10 o’clock), U.S. Ambassador to Honduras in the 1980s who turned a blind eye to that country’s death squads and who is now Ambassador to Iraq; loved ones outside of Abu Grhaib prison in Iraq (12 o’clock) above the infamous Iraqi prisoner who is flanked by images of Halliburton oil rigs, torture justification author John Loo and Elliot Abrams, convicted of lying to Congress in connection with Iran-Contra, New American Century signatory and Bush administration official.
The elephant’s right ear features the U.S.A. Patriot Act, the Lear jet employed for the “extraordinary renditioning” of “enemy combatants” to Egypt for torturing, an eye- ball for retinal scanning and another oil rig.
Venturing into the larger society, the mighty elephant enslaved by psychopoliticians as an unwilling propagandist, cries out for liberation. As do all true Americans, indeed, all true human beings.
The propaganda, also known as “perception management,” would not take root unless the “authorities” holding forth on T.V constantly reinforced it.
Examples of some of the propaganda themes used for “perception management” of the American population including “God guides the president” “Iraq possesses nuclear weapons” and “Fleet of robot planes set to disperse chemical weapons worldwide.”
More baloney: “Climate change does not exist,” “Dissenters are traitors” “Our safety from terrorism requires torture” “Iraq and al qaeda work together” and “Iraq refused U.N. Inspectors”
What a bunch of baloney! “911 = Iraq” “safety = no constitution”
Karl Rove at the elephant butt, thumbing his nose at the world.

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